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Painting the Duratrax 835B.

Posted by on Jul 1, 2015 in Body painting, Quick mods | 0 comments

I am sure it will evade radar!

I’m pretty sure it will evade radar!

Today I painted my Duratrax 835B nitro buggy. I love this car but it was too flashy for my liking and the paint it came with took away from the form of the body too much. Look at the reflection on the edge, such a nice line, reminds me of an off road version of a Mazda Furai. I sat and looked at the form of this car for some time before deciding to paint it. In terms of car design the 835B has great lines and the paint scheme it comes with detracts greatly from them. I plan on getting some Proline Racing, Split Six V2 wheels and wrap them in M4 Prime slicks to push the new aggressive look even further.

Proline Split 6 V2 rims

Proline Split 6 V2 rims


Prime M$ super soft slick

First, like painting any body, I washed it in hot soapy water really well. I have been driving it so it was a bit oily and dirty. Then I used a Scotch Bright scrubby pad to scuff up the surface a little. This step is very important as I am painting the outside of the body. The scuffing gives a tooth for the paint to cling to beyond the chemical bond that occurs between the paint and the plastic body. I washed it again and then I masked off the openings from the inside with masking tape and paper.

Using a light first coat of paint to ensure good adhesion with the scuffs in the body, then building it up layer by layer will give you the best chance at a durable paint job. Use polycarbonate paint and try to get t before each layer fully cures. This helps the paint layers better interact with each other and unify. I was careful to keep the spray texture consistent. It makes it look more satin rather than high gloss. There are a ton of videos on Youtube. I encourage you to see what other people are doing. There are some very talented painters out there. This one took a few hours, some take weeks.

You might notice the window trim? They are actually the stock stickers. I left them on the windows while painting the body. I noticed once, while I was painting another car, that the paint didn’t adhear to the masking film that comes on a new body. The stickers acted the same way, the paint just peeled off after it cured.  They acted as the best window masks I’ve ever used. If you attempt this technique, be careful as not all stickers will act the same way. If possible do a small test. Going into this I knew it was a risk. If it hadn’t worked out, my plan was to hand paint or get some sticker trim printed for the window detail.

I love painting RC bodies. They look so good with a fresh, well executed paint job. This was a simple one colour spray but with the right conditions, like a cool gentle breeze and low humidity along with body prep, you are almost guaranteed a good looking paint job inside the body shell or on the outside. I hope this one holds up well. I’ll try to not be too cheesed when I get the first scratch. 😉

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