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Cajun Commander foot rest upgrade

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015 in 3D printable, Quick mods | 2 comments

I recently got my paws on an AquaCraft, Cajun Commander and for a 3D printing project, I made a floorboard for the passenger’s front seat. I was inspired by the one that AquaCraft has on their web site. Thanks for promoting this stuff AquaCraft!! I liked what they had to offer but made one more in tune to support-less printing. It uses only what the platform needs. No extra materials of any kind and has more details.

I designed the “Mad Gator!” platform so that it would let water drain through and be light weight. It also won’t act as a wing and create lift. It has plenty of flex in the event it’s hit by some brush and it’s held on by double sided foam core tape so you don’t have to drill any holes or bolt it on…unless you want to.

For added effect, I also printed off a couple of angry gators from Thingiverse,com. Seemed very appropriate and necessary. They will be painted up shortly to look the part and securely fashioned in position. Wouldn’t want one to get sucked into the prop, that wouldn’t be good.

I have other plans for this down the road; a total redesign of the seating platform and seats, better lighting using the original LED lights and mounting hardware and some other goodies for added scale. This is just the start.


Cajun Commander Airboat platform

The Mad Gator! Cajun Commander Airboat platform

Mad 'gators!!

Look out bubba! Mad gators!!



  1. How can i purchase the footrest for my commander. First class design

    • You can contact us via the contact page here on my site.

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