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RC Details takes to the air!

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I never thought I would get into flying but I discovered Flitetest.com and decided to build a plane and give it a shot. They offer free build plans online, purchaseable speed kits and they have a fantastic YouTube channel with instructions and reviews. Check ’em out! They got me up in the clouds.

I went with an easy build and hopefully an easy to fly airframe with the Versa Wing. It is simple, easy to make from foam board and only uses two control surfaces and servos. Those in the know call them ailerators…no wait…elevons! They mix elevator and aileron controls together. Bank and yank controls. I 3D printed the motormount and control points on the ailerons from ABS. The rest is hot glue, foam board and packing tape. The graphics are vinyls I had printed. The airframe cost 15 dollars; enough to make two frames/wings.

Videos to come onboard the maiden voyage up and enevitably back down. Been putting in simulator time in an attempt to prepare  if it dies, it’s cheap to make another one. Cut a new frame and transfer the guts.

My X-plane

My X-plane

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