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3D printed earth anchor

Posted by on Jun 28, 2015 in 3D printable, Quick mods, repairs and upgrades | 0 comments

You can download and print this simple earth anchor for free from Sirmakesalot at Thingiverse.com, (that’s me). I designed it to print without support material on a 3D printer at home. It does require a well tuned printer but just about anyone on the market will do.

The two parts slide together dovetail style. Glue them together, or not. I didn’t and they work just fine. The design is as such that the pressure of using it will hold it together. So if you want to collapse it and keep it in your truck, it will flatpack and take up less room. You can also change the blade if it wears or print them in colours.

Erath anchor parts

Erath anchor parts

I’ve printed and used several of them on a variety of trucks. They have rolled over rocks, pulled my rigs out of holes, over logs and just generally used it without any troubles. It is strong enough to pull your truck out of anything. If you don’t have a metal one, this is a great option until you can get one.

I printed it in ABS, sanded it down a bit, and painted this one silver. I have others in black ABS that look just as good. I printed them at 3 shells with 80% infill. They are rock solid.

Ready for action hooked to the roof.

Ready for action hooked to the roof.

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