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1:10 size, 1:1 performance

6X6 MANKAT from Cross RC

Behold the MANKAT!

image4 (1)

I have wanted a 6X6 for a while. Thought about converting an Axial SCX10 but when I found this little lovely beastie on the shelf crying out my name, I just had to obey.

It is from Cross RC and the instructions were pictures and numbers for the most part. Not a hard assembly by any means. The axles and transmission came preassembled. The rest of the chassis was relatively straight forward. All other information was in Chinese so no help there.

The body is made from machined ABS and I used acetone to weld the parts together. They are essentially one piece now and tough as nails. The details on this truck are absolutely phenomenal. It even came with a light kit.

All and all a really high quality 1/12 scale rig that is worth every cent. They also make an 8X8…perhaps one day.

Here is the completed chassis…

image1 (2)

This is the assembly of the ABS body panels…


The completed assembly….


Base coat of olive drab…


Dark rust spots and recesses were washed with Citadel Agrax Earthshade. It is basically a red brown wash…

image1 (3)

Next was a technical paint from Games Workshop called Typhus Corrosion. Itt has particles in it that mimic scale rust. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It looks and feels like rust with a simple brush on technique. Great stuff!

image2 (1)

The final part was a 3D printed battery tray. This solved the issue of securing the battery. It uses the existing bolts that hold the electronics box closed. Bolt it on and use some Velcro strapping to hold it in place…




Awesome truck and a great example of how 3D printing can add a missing or overlooked element. Want one for your truck? Contact me via the contact page!