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1:10 size, 1:1 performance

Vaterra Ascender

The naked Ascender after assembly.

The naked Ascender after assembly.

Recently I got my Vaterra Ascender, put it together, painted the body and got to driving. Soon after the mods began. I wanted to do a few things to it and in order to do them I needed to change the stock configuration to accommodate my modifications.  It has so much interior space that it needed a scale interior. After watching a couple of videos online, I took a crack at it.

Using my 3D printer to make some adapters, I was able to re configure the electronics and make a couple of other items to install some 3rd party components like a winch and lights.

Here in Project: Vattera Ascender, I will show you my inspiration, what I wanted to achieve, and how I went about it. If you like something I have made and want one, please contact me here.