RC Details

1:10 size, 1:1 performance

The base tray

Having some experience working with sheet styrene, I set out to make a tray that I can attach 3D printed textures too like door panels. I thought this to be a good approach as I do drive this truck and think it a good idea for cleaning to have it as sealed as possible.

I began by making cardboard templates. I taped them together and made adjustments as I went. Keeping the pieces as large as possible keeps the seams to a minimum. I used thinner corrugated card. Too thick and your template won’t be the right thickness as the finished material. This always bit me in the ass when pieces were cut exactly as the template but weren’t quite as thick. This project was no exception.


Test fit regularly...

Test fit regularly…


Making the fenders to fit the body…

In this image you can see the rearranged electronics. There is more than enough room for them under the hood. I have left the battery tray attached to the front axle but it could easily be attached to the frame only. I  personally like the idea of it being mounted to the axle, it puts more weight directly on the front wheels.

Completed cardboard template.

Completed cardboard template.

There is also GCM Racing based in Ottawa that makes a kit that allows you to move the motor into the engine compartment and add a transfer case. It looks like a great system, have a look at GCM Racing. They make great products. My approach is a different one, it revolves around a 3D printed solution.